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Digital Stories of Small historic towns

The project objective is to better exploit the potential of ICTs for improving the ‘digital’ attractiveness of cultural heritage and to promote interaction with ‘new digital audiences’ in small historic towns.Through joint learning processes, local cultural teams in participating towns will develop and pilot a unique innovative approach to digital communication with their audiences and interpret the ‘tangible and intangible’ heritage of small historic towns using the ’digital Story‘ concept, which will be disseminated and later applied in other small historic towns across Europe. Only in this way will small historic towns and their cultural actors be able to step from under the shadow of large historic cities and sites.

EU - Co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union



The basic thread story is a story of the first slovenian dramatist, the father of Slovenian theatre, European cosmopolitan and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart. His narrative and work in the Age of the Enlightenment illustrates the life of small country town, its architecture and culture.




The story is built on notable figures from 17th century – cardinal Dezzio Azzolino, highly cultivated Swedish Queen Cristina and town's artists, whose work can be admired in the town galery. It pays due to the Baroque architecture and takes emphasis on the 17th century cultural atmosphere.




The story tells about the lovely wine-growing landscape of Šumadija and the heritage of the Karadjordjević royal family. It is inspired by personages and by the events that took place in Topola, enhenced with preserved complex of buildings that date from the period of the 1804 uprising.