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Published 3 years ago

What is the diStory platform all about?

Before visiting the unknown places, most people usually seek some information on the internet, in tourist information centers or in printed guides. But when they come to that place, it's not the traditional tourist hotspots that interest them most. More and more people prefer more hidden layers of a town; visiting unknown places, uncrowded spots, talking to locals, trying the local dishes …

What is the diStory platform all about?

What is the diStory platform all about?

 With the diStory platform, we wanted to offer something authentic to the residents and to the visitors of the towns of Topola, Radovljica and Fermo. It's an online collection of the personal stories of the towns residents that we managed to collect during the diStory project. The purpose of the platform is to show hidden elements of towns, using innovative digital solutions. Since in traditional presentations the stories of »common people« are usually overseen, the platform is a great tool to show different people and their (different) views on the town they reside.

The content of the platform is therefore quite diverse, especially because we didn't give any guidelines to the residents that were being filmed in advance. Only the starting points of their stories were suggested: My grandma told me …  / Did you know? / I (my story) … Consequently, many interesting people and their stories can be found on the platform. Just to mention some of them:

  • The flag wavers from Fermo describing their work
  • A man, sharing the story about the meteorite that fell in the territory of Fermo
  • Memories on the train that ran in the last century
  • Memories on the family-owned shop
  • Basket maker's story
  • Mayor and priest from Radovljica sharing their views on Radovljica
  • Owners of 500 years old house talking about their relationship to the house
  • A story of a fruit grower from Topola …


Another important feature of the platform is the fact that anyone can contribute their story. There's a button at the end of the website that invites people to participate, too. The platform is, therefore a living organism, just like the people, their stories and old towns themselves.

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