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diStory Team


Meet the Team

An archaeologist and a sociologist with a few individuals - an interdisciplinary team at diStory Fermo. Together we will create a pilot digital story of our small historic town that will mark Fermo and its natuarl and cultural heritage on the map of Italy and Europe. We want others to see the magnificence of it!

diStory Team - Cristina, project assistant



I am … a project manager and I’ve been working for ten years on European funded projects aimed to our territory sustainable development and to contributing to increase cooperation and networking at European level

In diStory project … I really enjoy the opportunity to share and acquire new knowledge on digitalisation of the cultural heritage to promote Fermo, our historic town……. My role is to guarantee a smooth project implemention also dealing with administrative and reporting issues

diStory project … is an opportunity of a paramount importance to share and learn how to adapt digital technologies and new business models in presentation of cultural heritage and increase audience from different target groups

In June 2018 … I expect to see new concepts in the accessibility and use of cultural heritage with both citizen and visitors contributing and participating to the valorisation of Fermo

The future … is a new way of interaction with the cultural heritage

diStory Team - Fabio, project coordinator



I am … a civil servant, I work for the Europe Desk service of the Municipality of Fermo. I am an atypical public official and I hate bureaucracy indeed. Nonetheless I have to deal with it…I often walk on the edge striving to reconcile project goals with administrative formalities. It is a hard work but someone has to do it.

In diStory project … I really enjoy the possibility to get local associations, students and visitors together in developing new storytelling for our town. My role has to do with allowing diverse groups of people to communicate and try to coordinate them…let’s see what comes out.

diStory project … is a great chance to create a new, innovative and more fascinating storytelling for the town of Fermo and for its surroundings. Fermo has a lot of untapped cultural heritage which is waiting to emerge and a lot of people is out there to get involved in this project.

In June 2018 … I expect to see much more awareness, participation, enthusiasm around cultural heritage of Fermo and it seems that we are on the right track…

The future … of culture and of local cultural policies is in developing dialogue between local players and in improving interactivity and digital tools for cultural heritage.

diStory Team - Andrea, story writer



I am … a freelance journalist and I work for information web sites, jazz festival, manufacturing companies, professional associations and public bodies.

I also love … writing stories about special experiences, as I'm actually doing about the Sibillini area, damaged by earthquakes from august 2016, with a large group of bloggers and instagramers.

In diStory project … I look for stories of my city and Province that will be included in a dynamic storytelling. My role is also bridging schools, associations and city council.

diStory project … is an important chance to bring out the historical, cultural, social and even gastronomic excellences of Fermo (first of all his museums, the public library, the roman baths, the amazing city centre) and all the area abroad.

In June 2018 … I’ll be different, a target I can't live without.

diStory Team - Vissia, associate partner



I am … Vissia Lucarelli, I work with Sistema Museo an Italian agency which works for the development of the italian cultural heritage. I do mainly work in the museums of Fermo. Professional tourist guide. Instagram founder of the local community of instagramers, member of the association Instagramers Italia. Social addict and media specialized I manage social media for the museums and culture. Travel Blogger, mom of two small globetrotting kids.

In diStory project … I do collect stories since my childhood, I keep on telling stories thanks to my job.

diStory project … is a great opportunity to build connections between museums and small cities.

In June 2018 … hope to raise a great project throughout all the stories.

The future … is every day a new amazing challenge.

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