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Published 1 year ago, by Katja Praprotnik

A big problem for small old town squares

Not long ago in Fermo, a cute city on a hill with the view of the Italian shore of the Adriatic sea happened the following ... 

A big problem for small old town squares

A car with a Slovenian registration was parked on the main square for two days. The owner returned to the car in the moment of a police officer writing him a ticket. The tourist did not know about parking rules in a city full of tight, hardly accessible or not at all alleyways, so the policeman decided to not give him a parking ticket but rather advised him where he can park his vehicle (for free). It was a nice gesture that left a good impression. The money that the tourist would use on paying the fee, he can now use somewhere else in the city, like in a nice little shop with homemade products or he can decide to go for a delicious meal and drink.

But how is this in Radovljca? Parking is not allowed in the old square, which looking at the size of it, is a good idea. Instead of parking before the entrance to the old square, which is free for 3 hours between 9 am and 5 pm. That's how we limited the length of the visits to only 3 hours. With this, I'm thinking of the fair tourists that won't move the parking clock for another 3 hours but will leave the square without visiting another museum or go into a restaurant … Shame since our old town square offers much more than what you can squeeze into only a short visit.

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