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Published 3 years ago, by Jerneja

Bigger diStory events

Bigger diStory events

First partners’ meeting in Belgrade (Serbia), 21.–25. November 2016. Hack Creative Week

 On the first day, we held the 1st Steering Committee Meeting. On Day 2, a workshop was held at which we discussed heritage, digital stories, digital technology and the new digital public. The day concluded with a visit to the Historical Museum of Serbia where we viewed an exhibition entitled Pupin - From Physical to Spiritual Realities. The exhibition was produced using new technologies (AR), which are not yet a common feature in museums and which presented a learning opportunity for curators. The following day, the partners presented drafts of their stories and were introduced to the izi.travel application, which some were familiar with as application users and not as digital story creators. On Thursday, we discussed the demo stories that had been created. The focus of the discussion was on dealing with the problems we encountered and on selecting and drafting stories that satisfy the requirements of the creators, users and project. We came to the conclusion that it was most important to collect the stories and select the best. On the next day, we attended a meeting at the Creative Europa Srbija office of the Ministry of Culture, where we discussed the project. Also reflection event: Chat over coffee with cultural media and Serbia’s relevant stakeholders invitees was organised on that day.

 Second partner meeting in Skofja Loka (Slovenia) 3.–7. April 2017. A STORY FOR THE AUDIENCE


We started it with the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting and continued with a presentation of draft scripts from all participating towns, which we then discussed in order to improve our own digital stories. We tried to digitise our stories with the software and Internet connection available to us there and presented our digital stories the next day, as did the other participants (Hackathons participants). A winner was announced. All of the stories were of interest to us because the participants used different approaches for the same topic. Later that day, we were introduced to companies that deal with digital technologies, some of which are experienced in presenting stories. On the last day, we held a discussion as a reflection event with local audience, mostly young people, who were very forthcoming in their views regarding the topic (stories about small historical towns) and history in general.


1 transnational open Hack Day for digitization of diStory

In the time of the second partner meeting also transnational open Hack Day was organized for collecting digitisation ideas: http://www.distory.si/en/hackathon.html

During first project activities, we discovered that using right/appropriate terminology is very important, when dealing with different age groups. That is why we used different terms, addressing youngsters (hackathon) or adults/elderly (creative workshop). The result was more groups attended hackathon than otherwise would.

 Third partner meeting in Fermo (Italy), 14.–17. November 2017. Transnational Creative Week LIVING LAB FERMO (Italija)


First day in Fermo in BUC Machinery we had 3rd steering committee meeting, where we talked about finished work and other activities to be done. Next day diStory Living Lab Fermo took place. In the morning mayor and cultural actors greeted us, later we had seminars and presentations about cultural management, modern technologies, used for presenting inheritance, about digital stories in tourism, museums and disabled visitors. Later on, each partner presented work with his stories, we were presented with platform draft and mobile application. At evening, we visited escape room in roman cisterns. Next day stories collected from elementary schools pupils were presented to us, and some introductions of local organisations and individuals. Later on, round table with local cultural actors and networks, “Reflection meetings” for locals on proposed digital stories took place with theme:Local creative people and cultural actors act as a community with the aim of contributing to the development and enhancement of the local cultural heritage. How to achieve this result? Which actors, tools, methodologies, rules, relationships can make this scenario come true? Last day we had brainstorming on local digital stories and mostly, how to effectively present material, received in working with public.



On 17th of May Radovljica’s team diStory organized museum evening as a reflection event for local people to present them pilot demonstration digital stories created in the Radovljica (and also shortly about that ones in Serbia and Italy). That was a great opportunity for presentation and to receive a feedback from people who helped us collect memories and stories.



Partner 2 had some money left in chapter travel and has decided to organize international conference for better dissemination of project diStory. The conference took place 10.5.2018 in Ljubljana so more people could attend it. Also lead coordinator presented some diStory results.


Transnational digital story tour with 3 stops and launching events

At the project enclosure a digital story as a promo video of all three digital town stories was made to present mobile application and platform to public, to disseminate project knowledge and results and to attract new users to join us with their stories. Partners discussed and agreed on what this story would be in general, but each designed it on their own way, so the final product also showed some different cultural points of view. At the end, lead partner provided final editing and video was ready to be presented in all three countries. It contains short presentation of all participating towns history and actual digitalized story presented in mobile application and on platform diStory.io

Video story was presented on 14th of June 2018 to public on launching events diStory: zgodba, storia, priča, which took place in all three towns at the same day (details in chapter C2), including guided tours (interactive guide, mobile application diStory) in participating towns, press conferences and other events:


1 final dissemination event with an EU-wide dimension

Final dissemination event took place in Radovljica (Slovenia) and was partly combined with launching event under address diStory: zgodba, storia, priča. It included presentation of project results: achieved knowledge joined in e-booklet, communication tool for sharing towns stories – platform diStory.io, pilot interactive guide – digitalized stories in mobile application diStory, presentation of project activities on press release … Evening launching event and second day activities were livestreamed so also our partners and other public could follow them online and live (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_-uTq2yqcg; http://egss.eu/2018/06/15/distory-livestream/)


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