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Published 3 years ago, by Jerneja Jelovcan Koselj


Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia in the cooperation with partners of the project diStory prepared an e-booklet with tips, tricks and practicalities learned during project activities. And here it is: DIGITAL STORYTELLING, Increasing interaction with the audience


Starting a new project, discovering modern approaches in digital technologies, applied to cultural heritage, including different audiences? 

Tough work that someone had to do it. And we did it. To help other institutions and organizations facing the same problems we have had. The manual is available in this article for anyone who wants to use it.

''The manual is intended for museums, heritage sites
and other cultural organisations operating in smaller
local environments that have little experience in
developing digital approaches to the interpretation of
cultural heritage, and yet have a need and motivation
to do so and promote relationships with existing
audiences or attract new ones.''


Content in booklet consists of described partner activities, communication amongst partners, with audiences, media, presentation of the mobile application, web platform diStory, digital stories …

An important part is dedicated to working with different audiences because of projects expectation to include all age groups and people with other expects, as people with special needs. 


Even though the project was successfully enclosed with satisfying results, we faced some difficulties during activities that are also described in the manual as a warning not to do it.

You can find e-booklet attached below, accompanied with printed materials and short PP presentation for easier use our methods of work.


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