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Published 4 years ago, by Jerneja

Heritage Europe in Radovljica assessing diStory

Mr. Brian Smith, secretary General from European Association of Historic Towns and Regions, came to Radovljica to evaluate the project diStory.

Heritage Europe in Radovljica assessing diStory

On the 9th of May 2018 Mr. Smith visited Lead partner Muzeji radovljiške občine with a responsibility to write an independent assessment report about project diStory.

First, we introduced him general information about the project, implementation of activities and some final results. Later we presented him the pilot version of the digitalised story of Radovljica, which he tested on towns market.

  He wrote about it:

‘’The choice of story told through Linhart is convincing and the measured use of technology and mixture of complimentary elements ensures all visitors, local or international, young and old are catered for. The app itself is visually attractive and opens many layers of information actively involving the user and making the passive observer an active participant.’’


After thorough examin of the whole project documentation and collaborative web platform diStory, his words were:

‘’diStory has been a well-organized and structured project with a highly motivated and enthusiastic project team who clearly benefitted from the experience of seeing firsthand the value of direct engagement with a wide range of people, especially in terms of potential new roles of the museum within the community. Indeed, the project’s innovative and successful work on audience engagement, in terms of ‘how to do it, represents an exemplary body of work that particularly merits wide dissemination.


A further strength of the proposal in terms of wider exploitation of the project results is the selection and development of a common framework for all three case studies which provides the platform to both facilitate future development of the project’s digital stories and the scope and flexibility to take account of the lessons learnt and adopt the diStory solutions in other historic towns.''


You can find the whole assessement report in attached documents.

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