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Published 1 year ago, by Katja

Keep, collect or throw away?

One day I heard a story about the fate of an old family porcelain, which ended up being scattered in a cave in the garden behind the house as a worthless clutter. The one who threw it away obviously didn't even think that he would have less work if he had put the porcelain in a box and sold it to one of the nearby antique shops as he had with digging and sinking the cave (and probably also with planting the grass). And he would have a few euros more to spent.

Keep, collect or throw away?

The story shows that we are not aware of the meaning of old objects; to some of us they don't and to another they may be a valuable memory of childhood, youth, good times, first love ...

So why destroy old items if we can give them to someone, who collects them,, sell them or rent them? If you do not know what to do with old items, you can also bring them to the museum. We record them, and if they are interesting for us and we do not have such items in museum collection and our small depot allow us to do so, we are happy to take them. The Radovljica City Museum accepts objects that are connected with Radovljica's past. At the moment, we are giving more emphasis to the old core, because the European project »forces« us and to ALMIRA, once a well known slovenian textile factory in Radovljica, specialized in production of modern knitwear for kids, women and men, because we store a large collection of objects about which we want to know more.


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