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Published 1 year ago, by Ema

Living Lab Fermo conclusions: Content is key!

In November, diStory teams have met again. This time in Fermo, a beautiful Italian town, located on a hill near the Adriatic coast. So called »Transnational Creative Week: LIVING LAB« took place between 14. and 17. of November and was an important milestone for all the partners included in diStory project.

Living Lab Fermo conclusions: Content is key!


The three days were full of interesting lectures and many intriguing debates arose. Interesting questions were raised and many ideas occured during listening, debating or just thinking to ourselves. We were discussing different topics, each of them linked with some aspect of diStory, such as: Cultural heritage management, digital storytelling, tourism audience development, designing experiences and others. It was very interesting listening to the lectures themselves, but also the follow-up debates were quite worthwile.


How to design our final product? How to collect the proper material? How to communicate it? How to make people feel good about it? What actually is participation? Which format is the best for the presentation of our towns? How to fulfill different needs and expectation people have?

Even though we tried hard, we didn't manage to answer all these questions. We were many different experts working together in Fermo and therefore our points of view were somewhat different, too. Our final product will be a result of very mixed teams, consisting from journalists, curators, educators, directors, historians, IT experts etc.


We still have some work to do until the project comes to an end in June 2018. But most of all, we need to communicate about it. Our opinions may vary from time to time, but there's one premise we fundamentally agree on, no matter our occupation: The content is still key and the form (i.e. technology) shall not overcome its function (i.e. to inform, provoke, evoke). Or as one of the speakers put it: Technology is only a pen that helps us write the stories in the most suitable way. Without the content, the pen would only be – a pen.


And this is what made me feel good as we were leaving the charming city of Fermo. No matter how the technology improves, we shall not forget about the real substance of our digital stories. In an early stage it's not so important whether we tell it via iPhone, tablet, mobile app or YouTube video. It's more important what we want to tell; what information we want to share, what values we want to pass and what changes we want to make in the society.

And that's where museum staff can help. A lot.


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