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Published 1 year ago, by Verena

When photos speak ...

Our work continues in collaboration with pensioners, history class and art history class in the University for the Third age ,LUR. The pensioners are a bit ahead.

When photos speak ...

On Thursday, the 20th of April, me and the curator of the City Museum Katja Praprotnik, met Janez Žerovec, Peter Ravnihar, Milan Robič and Borut Dvoršak at the Pensioners' House on Ljubljanska cesta in Radovljica. We expresed thanks to the president of the Society for the participation in the creative workshop competition - Hackathon A Story of my Town, where a group of pensioners created a video about Radovljica. A workshop was a part of Creative Week A Story for the Audience in Škofja Loka. In the competition of several groups they proved well, their product is a good proof what pensioners can create in cooperation. Their amazing work can be seen at the end of this article.

We took some time to review some photos of the old town and townsfolk of the past century. Many useful information was written by Katja and more of them were recorded. We came to the conclusion that on the 4th of  May we met again in the same place, Janez Žerovc will also invite new informers to the conversation.

 2. photo from the gallery

Also among art historians

On Tuesday afternoon I attended the art history of LUR, led by prof. Ana Kunstelj Pavlovski. I presented diStory and invited them to participate and fulfill a short questionnaire. I had the feeling that we would have something to say about our old Radovljica.

I will meet the interested historian group again on Friday, the 5th of May at 12. We will look at some photos from the past life in old town and comment the content. I'm really looking forward, it can be very interesting!


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