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About Topola

Topola is a small town of 25,000 inhabitants located in the lovely wine-growing Šumadija region of central Serbia. Its first settlement dates back to the Neolithic Age, however the town is most famous for its tale of the Serbian Karadjordjević royal family whose history began here. Nowadays Topola as a settlement was formed between 1804 and 1813. In the historical quarter of the town which preserves a memory of important historical events lies "the town of Karadjordje". This complex represents a closed historical unit and an authentic example of the architecture of the first half of the 19th century. The preserved part of the complex includes a restored old ‘konak’ (mansion) with a tower and a church with a bell tower. Today the mansion hosts a permanent exhibition of the personal belongings of Karadjordje, leader of the First Serbian Uprising (1804-1813) as well as authentic weapons from that period.

Above the town stands the Oplenac hill marked with early 20th century architecture, foundation of King Peter I Karadjordjević including a majestic St. George Orthodox Church overlooking the town with a mausoleum of the royal family, luxury villas, a wine cellar and impressive vineyard ambiance. The town is famous for its yearly Oplenac vintage festival, attended by several thousand visitors each year.

Topola’s surrounding is also home to numerous medieval monasteries as well as places preserving the memories of old crafts characteristic of the area.

The town of Karadjordje

The fortified town of Karadjordje was built between 1811 and 1813. It had a shape of a regular tetragon, surrounded by stone walls, high 2.5 to 3 meters, with towers at each corner. The preserved part of the residence today offers visitors a unique opportunity see the objects, documents, relics and pictures from Karadjordje’s life. In addition to the residence the town preserves the Church of the Holy Mother, a single nave structure, also called Karadjordje’s Church among other things famous for its magnificent iconostasis.

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Cannon ”Aberdar” (Messenger) is one of the exhibits in the old ‘konak’ of Karadjordje’s town. It was made in 1812 and used to inform people about important events. The cannon is missing its right handle which was built into the crown of King Peter I Karadjordjević.

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The Saint George Church

The Saint George Church (1907-1912) founded by King Peter I Karadjordjević. The five-dome structure of authentic beauty was built in Serbian-Byzantine style as a mausoleum and temple of Karadjordjević royal family. The church preserves mosaics covering an area of 3500 square meters with 40 million mosaic tiles built in it with 15 thousand shades of colours.

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King Peter's House

Opposite of the Saint George Church stands a building known as King Peter's House. Construction of the house, entrusted to the architect Kosta Jovanović, started in 1910 and was completed in 1912. Today, the House hosts a gallery with exhibition of portraits and objects belonging to the Karadjordjević royal family and an offices of the ”Foundation of King Peter I Karadjordjević”.

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Royal vineyards

Royal vineyards: Topola and Oplenac surroundings are considered one of the most beautiful vine-growing and wine-producing regions in Serbia. Today, in the basements of King’s winery one can find preserved wine-making mechanisms made around 1930 as well as old barrels used for wine keeping.

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