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Published 5 years ago, by Mateja Hafner Dolenc, partner in diStory project

Audience Assessment Strategy for diStory project

Residents create life and life creates stories. Through the years and centuries life is there for all to see, but at the same time it is hidden from view behind stone walls, in narrow streets, secret corridors, underground passages, dark cellars and attics, behind corners or on squares, creating stories: interesting, tragic, joyful, gloomy. Some have remained unfinished and are still ongoing, therefore our towns are even more mysterious and interesting, and the people who live and perform in these stories, tales, legends, and fairytales are also attractive, interesting and mysterious.

Audience Assessment Strategy for diStory project

Through the diStory project we aim to seek out as many interesting stories and interesting people as possible. Stories which have not been recorded, and which are still unknown. Stories which are precious and part of the personal and social memory of residents.

Among them we will choose the most interesting, those that are most connected to the towns. And through the diStory project a new digital story of towns and townspeople will come to life.

My task in project (beside disemination and promotion) is also mentoring in Modul 2 in project's Work plan. I prepared Audience Assessment Strategy for other three partners in project, who have to deal with audiences, their expectations and requests.

In the foreword I wrote some thoughts to motivate you, to read further. If I reached my goal, see the full version below. 

Mateja Hafner Dolenc,

Association of Historical Cities of Slovenia,

partner in diStory project.

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