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Published 4 years ago

Launching event first impressions

Our digital story was finally done. It was time to show it to public...

Launching event first impressions
So, at the end of our project we were excited and nervous to see what the reaction of the public will be to our final products. At the beginning not so sure how our final product will look like but in the end very excited with the results, but will our audience be? Throughout the process of making our digital story, we tested it with various audiences, as well as experts, and got positive response on our ideas and demo stories, but now we had to go out among the large number of people as well as media and launch our product. We invited all the important actors who would help us spread the information on our project results, i.e. media, Tourist organization, Cultural Centre, Foundation of King Peter I Karadjordjevic, as well as audiences who helped us make our story: pupils, students, teachers, seniors, as well as general public who is about to get to know our diStory for the first time. First, we shared with them the info on the process we’ve gone through in making the diStory and introduced them our platform and mobile app. The reactions were great. They loved the diStory platform and the way we offered another layer of town presentation/interpretation through stories of residents and the people possessing valuable, less known information. They all wanted to know how they can contribute and share more stories. The personal/digital approach proved to be the best solution. Then we decided to hit the streets and test our app on the spot. This was the most exciting part. They loved the app design, but most of all the augmented reality feature allowing the history to come to life enabling the audience to become active participant in finding out about towns heritage. The older ones appreciated the classical approach in form of visuals and texts while the youngest loved the fact that they could share the info on the stories they discovered on the social networks instantly, through an app option. So, the mix of classical and innovative solutions was a success enabling the diStory to communicate with all generation groups. All in all, the first impressions were really great, somehow showing that our diStory already continued to have a life of its own.

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