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Published 5 years ago, by diStory Topola team

URBAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER – let us introduce ourselves

The service of Museums and presentation of heritage in small historic towns become static, out-dated and unattractive, while interaction with audiences remains limited and traditional. This issue brought together 4 cultural organisations that represent small historic towns in Slovenia, Italy and Serbia. Radovljica municipality museums and Association of historical cities of Slovenia, Slovenia, Comune di Fermo, Italy and Urban Development Center, Serbia. That is us. 

URBAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER – let us introduce ourselves

Urban Development Center was formed by a group of experts from various fields: history, art, archeology, anthropology, economics, architecture, civil-engineering, etc. Center is a result of the project ‘Belgrade’, which aimed at promoting Belgrade at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006, and has received numerous awards and recognitions. The main objectives of the Centre are promotion of urban living in Belgrade and the promotion of culture and arts within the urban areas. Center devotes special attention to the arrangement of public and exhibition space, and to protection of urban units in Belgrade, including the cultural and historical monuments that bear witness to the development of the city.

In addition to these activities, the Centre for Urban Development aims at promoting the application of advanced technologies and alternative energy solutions and environmental protection. A special segment of the Centre is dedicated to the creation of a positive business climate in Belgrade, which is necessary for urban development of the city. In short, our organization is engaged in improving all aspects of city life.

As it seems with Digital Stories of Small Historic Towns project we are going to improve the aspect of city life in Topola. We kindly invite citizens of Topola to participate in co-creation  and we invite you to follow us!



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