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Topola, Serbia


The story tells about the lovely wine-growing landscape of Šumadija and the heritage of the Karadjordjević royal family. It is inspired by personages and by the events that took place in Topola, enhenced with preserved complex of buildings that date from the period of the 1804 uprising.



Our Stories

Audience Assessment Strategy for diStory project

March 31 - 2017

Audience Assessment Strategy for diStory project

Residents create life and life creates stories. Through the years and centuries life is there for all to see, but at the same time it is hidden from view behind stone walls, in narrow streets, secret corridors, underground passages, dark cellars and attics, behind corners or on squares, creating stories: interesting, tragic, joyful, gloomy. Some have remained unfinished and are still ongoing, therefore our towns are even more mysterious and interesting, and the people who live and perform in these stories, tales, legends, and fairytales are also attractive, interesting and mysterious.

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URBAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER – let us introduce ourselves

March 23 - 2017

URBAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER – let us introduce ourselves

The service of Museums and presentation of heritage in small historic towns become static, out-dated and unattractive, while interaction with audiences remains limited and traditional. This issue brought together 4 cultural organisations that represent small historic towns in Slovenia, Italy and Serbia. Radovljica municipality museums and Association of historical cities of Slovenia, Slovenia, Comune di Fermo, Italy and Urban Development Center, Serbia. That is us. 

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Meet the Team

An archaeologist and a sociologist with a few individuals - an interdisciplinary team at diStory Topola. Together we will create a pilot digital story of our small historic town that will mark Topola and its natuarl and cultural heritage on the map of Serbia and Europe. We want others to see the magnificence of it!

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Other Towns

»How to develop new innovative services and follow trends in the interpretation of the cultural heritage in small historic towns with limited local resources and capacities?« This question is the diStory challenge, faced by participating partners - municipalities Radovljica, Fermo and Topola. Visit and get to know how are they facing it …


Fermo, Italy


Radovljica, Slovenia

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