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diStory Team


Meet the Team

An archaeologist and a sociologist with a few individuals - an interdisciplinary team at diStory Topola. Together we will create a pilot digital story of our small historic town that will mark Topola and its natuarl and cultural heritage on the map of Serbia and Europa. We want others to see the magnificence of it!

diStory Team - Rade, content manager



I'm … an archaeologist and founder and chairman of the Urban Development Centre board of directors. Last couple of years, I am involved in cultural heritage research, urban development and the possibilities of implementing new ways of presentation. In the past, in addition to field work as an archeologist, I was a journalist, activist of the civil society and publisher of several scientific papers. Key skills: resource mobilization, media relations, program and strategy development and implementation.

The project diStory … In this project I perform the function of Content Manager for the digitization of the stories. I have a very interesting task of collecting personal stories of ordinary people who live in important historical towns. The aim is to motivate people to tell us about their memories and their perception of their own town. It is an interesting experience to hear for the first time the stories of the people of all ages and at the same time it’s a great responsibility to present their stories in the best way. Together with creative people that I've met in this project, we will be able to digitally revive their memories and create new ways for their stories to be heard - to preserve the stories of the past and find new way into the hearts of the audience.

diStory project … This project is a great way to connect the past and the future - past that tells a story and new technologies that make our future. I believe that we will manage to reach a new generation of audiences. I expect that diStory will bring a lot of new and interesting stories that will reveal all the beauty of small historic towns.

In June 2018 … The stories of the past will be brought to life and available to everyone. A large number of people will learn the stories about Topola, Radovljica and Fermo through new digital media. diStory will become a product that will show one of the new ways of presentation of cultural heritage. I expect that the people who hear our digital stories would wish to visit and find out more about our towns.

The future … A large number of small towns in Europe will have the ability to tell its own digital story. I hope that our experience and results will be shared and applied by many other small historical towns.

diStory Team - Jana, new media specialist



I am … one more sociologist in the digital culture project :) I am a founder of LiveViewStudio, a pioneer in creative application of new technologies such as augmented reality in interpretation and presentation of cultural heritage.

In diStory project … I am focused on creating/developing/promoting new media approaches for small historic town storytelling. The aim is to create solution that will bridge the gap between digital and physical while creating a content for new era of audience and making a passive observer an active participant.

diStory project … is a great opportunity for small towns to play with innovative media solutions, to actively involve artists, students, citizens.

In June 2018 … it will be exciting. I am looking forward to see different digital overlays in Radovljica, Fermo and Topola.

The future … is definitely augmented.

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